For people suffering with Lyme Disease, Pilates offers the versatility and ability to customize a plan suited to the unique needs of the individual.  If you are a Pilates teacher, then you already know that Pilates is an extremely beneficial type of exercise for everyone. With a focus on proper movement patterns, alignment and form, Pilates is accessible to everyone and provides an array of different benefits to different populations.  

Lyme Disease is a multi-faceted illness that has dozens of different symptoms.  These symptoms can range from mild to severe and can affect every part of the human body from muscular to cardiovascular to neurological and everything in between.   Not everyone with Lyme Disease presents with the same symptoms and it is important to remember that some people may only experience 1 or 2. There are very complex internal components and complications of Lyme Disease that Pilates cannot help with, but there are many symptoms of Lyme Disease that can be directly alleviated and helped with proper Pilates instruction.  In fact, many of the most common symptoms of Lyme Disease can be directly aided with movement and proper Pilates techniques.

The most common symptoms of Lyme Disease, which can be directly alleviated with a Pilates plan include:

  • Fatigue
  • Joint Pain and/or swelling
  • Stiffness of the neck
  • Headaches
  • Muscle pain and/or cramps

It is important to remember that there are many more symptoms of Lyme Disease that can manifest themselves physically and emotionally that can be aided with Pilates.  The symptoms listed above are generally the most common symptoms. Another added bonus to Pilates is its ability to bypass certain symptoms of Lyme Disease that may make people hesitant to work out.  For example, light-headedness is another common symptom of Lyme Disease that can be easily exacerbated with improper exercise or an uninformed trainer. However, because a skilled Pilates teacher has so many different exercises and tools at their disposal, a routine can easily be designed that would greatly reduce the likelihood of triggering that specific symptom.  An illness as complicated as Lyme Disease needs an adaptable approach, which is why Pilates is an ideal choice.

In my experience working with clients who have Lyme Disease, they often express a hesitation in being able to incorporate movement and exercise into their Lyme recovery.  Typically, they have felt that exercise all too often exacerbates their symptoms and certain fitness elements are simply too hard. My hope is to give confidence to those with Lyme Disease that working with an informed Pilates teacher can do wonders for their rehabilitation.  All the traditional benefits of movement and exercise can apply and aid in the recovery and rehabilitation from Lyme Disease. Movement increases both air and blood flow throughout the body, which is an essential element of healing. Exercise is also proven to boost endorphins, which elevate the mood and boost our energy.  Coupled with the traditional benefits of exercise, the distinctive benefits and possibilities offered specifically by Pilates presents the ability to create a unique plan suited to the needs of each unique client. Do you need help getting started with a program for your Lyme clients? Contact me HERE if you have questions on how to best work with clients who have Lyme Disease!