Lyme Disease is on the rise BIG TIME and Pilates has the tools to help both those who are suffering and in recovery.  Learning about Lyme Disease and how to utilize the Pilates method to address the needs of your clients will not only expand the depth of your Pilates understanding, but also open you up to a population with few exercise and support systems available to them.  For the better part of a year, I have worked to develop a course aimed at educating Pilates teachers, and other movement professionals, on the complexities of Lyme Disease and how to create a unique exercise program for clients.  The Pilates for Lyme Disease course is designed to give participants the knowledge and confidence to work with clients who are either experiencing symptoms or in recovery from Lyme Disease.  This course is relevant for all Pilates teachers no matter where you live.  Why?  Here are some stats on Lyme Disease:

-1 million new cases in the U.S. annually

-Confirmed cases in all 50 U.S. states

-More than 40 different symptoms

-Active in over 80 countries worldwide

While some symptoms are more common than others, the illness can present differently from person to person.  This means that there is no exact exercise protocol to follow and fitness professionals need to be well-versed in understanding the illness in order to design individual programs for individual clients.  The material and exercises we use for Lyme Disease clients can also be applied to many of your regular clients who many also have similar conditions (arthritis, neck pain, joint injuries, fibromyalgia, muscle imbalances, neurological conditions, ect). 

The course covers Lyme Disease in depth and the intricacies of the disease that make it challenging to work with.  This 1-day course is approved for 6 CECs with the Pilates Method Alliance.  During the course, we will:

-Cover Lyme Disease pathology, treatment, and recovery strategies for working with clients. 

-Review painful symptoms associated with both Lyme Disease and Post-Lyme recovery and learn ways to alleviate the discomforts using a Pilates-based approach. 

-Teach Pilates-based exercises to address many of the most common symptoms of Lyme Disease, including: joint pain, muscle stiffness, fatigue, chronic pain/inflammation, and neck pain

-Discuss Neurological Lyme Disease and how to address the physical symptoms such as balance, gait problems, vertigo, and potential nerve damage-related issues. 

Interested in hosting or attending one of our workshops?  Email us to inquire about upcoming dates and locations.  We are currently accepting bookings and only have a couple of openings still available for 2019!  If you are in need of more immediate guidance on working with Lyme clients, Amy is available for phone consultations and can be contacted directly HERE