About Amy

Years of experience, enthusiasm and passion to properly educate, guide, and encourage.

While attending college, Amy began her journey as a student of Pilates to enhance her love of rock climbing. She took her Pilates practice to the next level by graduating from The Pilates Centers’ 950-hour Advanced Teacher Training Program in Boulder, CO. Following her graduation, Amy began deepening her understanding of Pilates and movement by studying extensively under the mentorship of Cara Reeser. She is graduate of The Kathy Grant Heritage Training Program and holds a certificate as a Specialist in Pilates-Based Exercises for Neurological Conditions.

Amy brings years of experience, as well as enthusiasm and passion to properly educate, guide, and encourage each of her clients on their health and wellness journey. Her extensive trainings have given Amy a profound appreciation for the transformational capabilities of Pilates.

Having worked with everyone from elite athletes to people recovering from serious injury, Amy’s focus on the subtle, refined movements of the human body lead to big changes in her clients. She has a particular interest in studying pain science and the various contributing conditions surrounding the pain experience.

Amy was first treated for Lyme Disease in 2012 when she began experiencing severe neck pain, headaches, joint pain and fatigue. In 2017, Amy was diagnosed and subsequently treated for Ehrlichiosis, which is one of the Lyme co-infections. In addition to her own medical journey, Amy began seeing a rise in clients over the years who were struggling with Lyme Disease and looking for relief. The versatility and low-impact nature of Pilates makes it an ideal form of exercise for individuals with Lyme Disease. Given the complexities of the disease, Amy founded Pilates for Lyme Disease in 2018 as a resource for both Pilates professionals and individuals with Lyme to gain information and education about how Pilates can ease symptoms.

The versatility and low-impact nature of Pilates makes it an ideal form of exercise for individuals with Lyme Disease.

Happy Clients

“Pilates was an integral part of my journey back from Lyme disease. I was thrilled to find that while it was a dynamic workout, it didn’t cause any pain. I felt energized afterward, which is a rare feeling for someone with Lyme. The stretching and focus on breath were calls for my body to wake up again! In retrospect, I would have done Pilates during my bout with Lyme, as it provided such physical and emotional support.”

-Donna Nelson

“Amy has been instrumental in helping recover from debilitating vertigo.  Her knowledge, intuition, and creativity are apparent in every session. She created a rehabilitation plan that worked to bring back my strength while presenting supportive balance challenges.  The variability of Pilates makes it the perfect because it can be tailored to fit my exact needs on any given day.”

-Brenda Kemp